Hi Bea and Nathalie

Thank you so much for your message – and questions – I will try to answer them for you.


There are six pupils in our school – aged from 5 to 12 years old and there is one pupil in the Nursery – aged 3.

There is a port near our school where our ferry goes from. This is about one mile from the school – you could perhaps see it on a map on Google.

We do have school meals – we have a cook in the school who cooks them for us.

We have sports lessons in our local hall or outside when the weather is good.

Yes – we all love our Scottish dances and we usually have dances in our local hall but they are not allowed at present due to COVID.


You can see some of what we do on our website – www.raasayprimary.com

Do you have a website?

How many pupils do you have in your school?

Are any of  the pupils travelling to Scotland on the boat?


Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards